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We know the importance of the services funeral homes offer their families. There is so much planning, scheduling, and coordinating that takes place on the funeral home's end to ensure services are done properly and to each family's wishes.

As a funeral home, what you do is crucial to accomodating those going through one of life's most difficult processes. At Free Funeral Websites, our goal is to provide you with a quality, Google search-friendly website so families can find you when they need you and so hospitals and hospice centers can reach out to you with important first calls. We also focus on efficiency tools and obituary services that allow you to manage and direct funerals with quality results.

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Free Obituaries

Get modern, shareable, obituaries displayed on your website for free with your own portal to add/edit obituaries whenever you need. 

Modern Solutions

Newspapers aren't the only options anymore. Offer free obituary display alternatives to your families that they can still share with friends and relatives easily without the extra expense.

Easy User Portals

Create, edit, and manage obituary listing details with ease from anywhere. No device limits or inconvenient restrictions.

Free Funeral Websites

Get a free website for your funeral home that works side by side with our free obituary program. We connect the program to your website for you so you can easily create, edit, and manage obituaries as needed, and all updates automatically apply to your website for you. All for free!

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Obituary Display Example

Sarah Sullivan

of Chicago, IL

January 10, 1953–March 25, 2016

Juan Welch

of Colorado, IL

May 12, 1948–August 20, 2016

Doris Mendoza

of Virginia, IL

September 17, 1945–May 16, 2016

Diana Owens

of New Mexico, IL

October 20, 1953–March 20, 2016

Kevin Brooks

of California, IL

March 23, 1950–October 22, 2016

Emily Carroll

of Los Angeles, IL

November 16, 1940–May 18, 2016

Robert Derrick

of New York, IL

July 11, 1962–March 14, 2016

Sophia Dyson

of Washington, IL

August 14, 1965–March 20, 2016

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Free Funeral Websites offers free websites and affordable planning and solution tools to funeral homes. Our goal is to take some of the added stress and frustration out of funeral planning for both the funeral directors and the families. We strive to combine innovative solutions of the future with the funeral industry to make the hard times in life a little easier.

Give your families peace of mind planning and let them focus this time on the memory of their loved one.

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